Over 2/3 of the earth is water, only 3% of that is fresh water and only 0.6% is readily accessible.

The SMP?s water strategies will aim to protect the region?s water resources through a reduction in potable water consumption and wastewater production. As energy is required to pump, transport, and treat potable water and wastewater, as well as heat and cool it, water conservation is an important step towards reducing GHG emissions.

Sixty (60) groundwater wells in the Bunker Hill Basin and four groundwater treatment plants supply water for the San Bernardino Municipal Water Department (SBMWD). The Bunker Hill Basin is replenished naturally by local precipitation and stream flow from rain and snow melt in the San Bernardino Mountains watershed. For more information on the SBMWD, please visit the Water Department’s website. The city also offers various Water Conservation Rebates.