Overall Policy Objectives

  1. Improve air and water quality
  2. Promote public health
  3. Promote equity
  4. Increase housing affordability
  5. Increase infill and compact development
  6. Revitalize urban & community centers
  7. Protect natural resources & agricultural lands
  8. Reduce automobile usage & fuel consumption
  9. Improve infrastructure systems
  10. Promote water conservation
  11. Promote energy efficiency & conservation
  12. Strengthen the economy

Additional Policy Information

California Green Building Action Plan

Green CA Goals and Accomplishments

Letter of Support & Passage AB 710
AB 710 would decrease the minimum parking requirements in transit intensive areas saving money for new development and encouraging public transportation.

The 2010, Clean Communities Plan
The Clean Communities Plan from the South Coast Air Quality Management District details how working together can build cleaner communities. It also strives to develop a plan to keep air toxins that are released under control.