Land Use

The SMP?s land use strategies will aim to promote infill development and reduce sprawl, as well as place services, transit, neighborhood commercial centers in close proximity to housing. The land use strategies will also tie very closely to the plan?s transportation strategies.

According to the City?s General Plan, the City?s planning area includes 38,402 acres, or 60 square miles, of incorporated and 6,829 acres, or 11 square miles, of unincorporated lands within the City?s Sphere of Influence. This planning area incorporates 35,187 acres of land that can be used or developed in some manner, including 18,599 total acres of residential land uses, 10,060 total acres of business related land uses, 3,418 acres of public/quasi-public land uses, and 3,110 acres of open space land uses (parks or permanent open spaces).